professor Nimrod Rozen

professor Nimrod Rozen is a world renounce orthopedic specialist & researcher, inventor and entrepreneur.

A breakthrough researcher

Prof. Nimrod Rozen is a world renounce orthopedic specialist & researcher, inventor and entrepreneur. He led the breakthrough research on bone repair & regeneration and holds several patents in this field. His research work and papers are published in the leading medical journals and he is a sought after lecturer at professional conventions around the world. His work has received many acclaims from peers world wide. 


Professor in the Technion

Today, professor Rozen is the head of the orthopedic & rehabilitation division At HaEmek Medical Center in Afula and the presiding president of the Israeli  Born in  Orthopedic AssociationIsrael, 

studied in the Technion, the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa where he gained his BSc, MSc and finally his M.D degree (Medical Doctor). In addition, professor Rozen holds a PhD degree in the field of Bone structure and biomechanics propertied.

He is the youngest ever to receive the leadership of the Orthopedic Division in the history of ministry of health in Israel, and today a valued and admired teaching Professor in the Technion.

During his studies he worked and was a member of faculty in hospitals in Germany, Switzerland, & U.K. In Toronto, Canada Prof. Rozen participated in a fellowship program in particular subspecialty ln Trauma and Pelvic complex Surgery, which he is still implementing in his daily activities. professor Rozen volunteered in "Doctors without borders" and went on a mission in 2020 to operate complexed Orthopedic cases in Cameroon.

professor Rozen is a member in professional societies of Trauma, Orthopedic, Pain & Muscoleskeletal.


Pioneer for the sake of public health

Along his brilliant medical carrier Prof. Nimrod Rozen also works tirelessly for the well-being of his patience and the public, especially in the north of Israel. He is a member of numerous committees on public health. In the last decade he initiated and established RMC (Rozen medical center) Medica. A new, state of the art medical center near HaEmek medical center in Afula that enables the residents of northern Israel to receive the best medical care from top physicians at lower price, while relieving the long waiting lists at the larger hospital. Prof Rozen still continues in his efforts to bring better health end medical services to the region, in particular building a rehabilitation center and a new Faculty of veterinarian medicine. Through all of his activities. professor Rozen is a humble person that keeps his family life private and away from the spotlight.

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